We’re doing media differently. We stand for coverage based on issues, solutions and values; not profit and power.

Expect engaging, thoughtful and original content, based on stuff that actually matters. We also suggest ways you can create social change, big and small.

We hope that by providing refreshing, forward-thinking and often radical perspectives, we can play a role in empowering our audience to create social change – in the UK and beyond.



Rich Dawson (Lead Editor)

Rich is the founder and Lead Editor of indx media. He comes from a rural, working-class background and has been a youth worker and secondary school teacher. He currently works in the Communications team of a Birmingham charity.

He has a BA in History from the University if Sheffield and spent a year at the University of Oklahoma, where he focussed his studies on how American political culture and language is used to manufacture public consent for certain policies.

Rich is into working-class history/politics, footy (YNWA), boxing and hip-hop.

“I started indx media as a way of developing a credible, professional platform for so-called radical views and ideas, which upon closer inspection are often just common sense. I also think there’s a real lack of diversity when it comes to which voices are allowed to be heard on public platforms – and we need to change that.

To me, Britain’s national media isn’t fit for purpose and does way more harm than good to normal people. I’m uncomfortable with global media conglomerates owing the vast majority of the UK’s public information channels and want to build something better.”

Flora McCall (Collaborations Lead)

Flora is the Collaborations Lead for indx media and oversees our relationships with the authentic, progressive and often radical voices we work with.

Flora currently works as a support worker for adults with complex needs (homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and offending). Her previous jobs include being a caseworker for refugees and asylum seekers and working with young people with disabilities – and later this year Flora will begin training to be a child and family social worker.

Flora has a BSC Psychology degree from the University of Sussex. Flora identifies as a gay woman and is interested in social mobility, gender equality and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Flora also runs a project to engage young people in community gardening and enjoys socialising, travelling and watching films.

“I got involved with indx media because there is a significant proportion of our population who don’t think they have the knowledge and power to have an opinion on politics and social justice. I believe an honest, accessible media platform would really help change this.”

Kate Knowles (Senior Editor)

Kate is interested in the different ways we communicate our stories to each other and how these shape and are affected by, the constantly tuned-in modern world. She thinks quite a bit about what kind of cultural legacy might be left by her generation, which themes will be defining, and which discarded.

Kate likes reading books and watching films and believes that true progression in these areas will be led by femme, writers and directors of colour.

As Culture Editor, Kate looks to find content that is, above all, well-written. She is particularly interested in long form journalism, which she believes can be as engaging and well-crafted as creative writing and accessible to non-academic readers.

Kate was born and bred in Birmingham and is moving to Glasgow in the Autumn.  If she had to recommend a book, it would be Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay.


Will Ennis (Rodan)

Will plays a key role in indx media’s creative output. Hailing from Derby and producing mostly dubstep and self-styled forward-thinking bass music, he regularly helps us develop innovative and engaging audio/visual content. Will – or Rodan – is a regular at several nights in the Midlands and has some major plans up his sleeve.

Contact: rodansound@gmail.com

For more information about indx media, our mission and how you can get involved, please see our contact and collaborate pages.